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The hub pilots DO NOT center the wheel. With hub piloted wheels gravity causes the weight of the wheel to rest on the upper pilots leaving a gap in the bottom pilots. Even the smallest gap the size of a business card can produce an egg shaped motion upon rotation. This results in tire vibration and irregular tire wear. Our products bypass the hub pilots and center the wheel back to the wheel stud which is the true center of the wheel. It is a very simple product but produces very effective results.

Yes! If you are not properly centered you are riding on an out of round wheel and tire. This creates rolling resistance which makes it harder to get down the road. If your wheels are out of round you are potentially increasing your fuel mileage and wear and tear on your truck and tires.

They do not directly balance the wheel. They center the wheel back to the wheel stud which is the true center of the wheel. By centering the wheel properly, you can achieve better tire balance because you are not going down the road on an egg shaped tire.

All of our centering solutions center the wheels. The main difference in the products is the application. Solution A is a re-usable shop tool that is used when mounting the wheels and is then removed. The advantage of Solution A is that it can be used again and again on multiple trucks. Solutions B and Solution C are sleeve sets that stay on the wheel at all times. The advantage of Solutions B and C is that since these sleeves stay on the wheel at all times, perfect center is always maintained. The sleeve will keep the wheel centered.

Solutions B is for STEER AXLES ONLY and centers the wheel AND the universal brake drum. Solution C is for both steer and drive axles but only centers the wheel. (UPDATE: We now offer the C-5000 series for dual/drive axles. This is a 2 piece centering system that is offered in many different configurations including wheel and brake drum centering. Click on Solution C on the Products page for more information.)

Yes! Balance Masters now produces all of their heavy duty truck balancers to fit our products. Centramatics offers a version as well but you need to specify that you want the balancer to fit the TRU-BALANCE products when you place your order.

Yes! You will need to resize the holes on the balancers. For specific instructions on how to do so, please visit our Forum page and click on Wheel Balancers. You can also contact us directly at 866-686-9285 for step by step instructions.

Yes! Most of the time the problem is a wheel centering issue so our products will fix these issues. Our customers tell us they have increased their tire life up to 100% and the cupping and irregular tire wear has gone away. Please visit our Testimonials page to read what people are saying about the products.

Yes! Solution A and Solution C work on most trailers. Click on Solution A and Solution C on the Products page for the product specs and sizes. Contact us at 866-686-9285 if you have an odd stud size that is not listed there.

Yes! We offer a full range of Solution A, Solutions B and Solution C to fit FORD, GM & GMC Medium and Light Duty Trucks. Click on the solution you are interested in on the Products page for the product specs and sizes.

What you need will depend on the wheel configuration and if you want to center the brake drum. We offer Pre-Packaged Kits which include 3 sets of centering sleeves (1 set does 1 axle), our Stainless Steel Wire Brush for proper cleaning of the wheel stud holes and an Installation Pin to help center and install the drive axle sleeves. We offer many different kit configurations. If you do not see yours listed in the Pre-Packaged Kits Section of the Products page please call us. We will make a custom kit specifically for you at no extra charge.

With universal brake drums, the brake drum hole is much bigger than the wheel stud. Because there is so much extra room or "slop" in the brake drum it is constantly moving/clocking. This movement causes wear and tear on the wheel stud and rim and contributes to the tire vibration that most people feel. When you center the brake drum it stops this movement and keeps the brake drum in place. Click on Solutions B on the Products page to see before and after pics of brake drum centering.

The triangular position establishes a self supporting plane, much like a tripod for a camera. You do not need 4 legs for the tripod to stand but it will fall if there are only 2 legs. It is the same principal for the positioning of our centering products. The 3 pins or sleeves on the wheel creates that same triangular position and that positioning will remain the same upon rotation with no shifting. Two sleeves or pins are not enough to get accurate centering and four pins or sleeves is not necessary. That is why we sell our centering sleeves in sets of 6. Three sleeves are used on each wheel.

Skirt Nut is a product that was originally designed to increase the clamping force between the nut and the wheel stud. Somewhere along the line people have confused our products and placed only three Skirt Nuts on each wheel using our triangular pattern. Unfortunately, you do not get proper wheel centering using their product this way nor do you get the increased clamping force that their product was designed for. Per the Skirt Nut website, every wheel stud needs to have a Skirt Nut on it so ten Skirt Nuts are to be used on each wheel. We have received numerous calls from people that have used the Skirt Nut product with our triangular pattern positioning (using only 3 Skirt Nuts) and were very unhappy with the results as they expected to center their wheels this way. Skirt Nut is a great product when it is used for what it was intended for; increased clamping force between the nut and the wheel stud and when used on all ten wheel studs.

Yes! Most of our centering products are patented. The patent numbers appear on the products page under the specific solution as well as on the packaging and installation instructions.

Yes! We spent many years researching and developing our products and tested many different versions to see what worked and what did not work. What we found was that you need the threading to get the centering pins on and off properly. The weight of the wheel will bear down on the centering pin and will make it almost impossible to get the pin off unless it is threaded. We have heard horror stories of people using a non-threaded pin and it getting stuck on the wheel stud. Damaged rims and studs and an unusable product is usually what is left when all is said and done. Because the pin is designed to center the wheel it must fit as snugly as it can on the wheel stud. Without the threading the pin gets bound up on the wheel stud and makes it extremely difficult to remove.